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the PLENTIFUL collection


(approximately 81 megs)


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Wrap yourself in the gorgeous colors and textures of fall with the PLENTIFUL collection,a digital scrapbooking kit by Shabby Princess :o)  The Plentiful kit is a rich and vibrant digital collection that is perfect for fall/autumn – but is also versatile enough to use year round!  The kit includes nine richly textured papers (12×12 inches @ 300dpi), a full alpha-number set (super versatile…and can work with sooooo many kits and pages), ‘on the edge’ frames, vintage frames, stitching, tape, flowers, fall rubons, buttons and more!  Loaded with gorgeous metals, foliage, papers and strings – these wonderful elements will keep you scrapping page after page! I truly hope that you enjoy scrapping with this kit…I know I had a lot of fun designing it!

I am going to include LOTS of info on this page, in an attempt to answer any questions you may have :o)

:::please understand that we will NOT be able to answer emails regarding this free collection:::

Our free items are downloaded so many times and we just do not have the staff or resources to handle all of the emails.  So, I have spent a lot of time putting this page together – full of TIPS, SUGGESTIONS, INSPIRATION and other INFO to help you enjoy this kit.  Please do not be upset that we cannot answer individual emails about this product – we truly wish we could – there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  So, please ENJOY this kit…and be sure to share your layouts in the Shabby Shoppe’s GALLERY!


Here is some inspiration from the fabulous Shabby Artist team :o)



Please check out all of these tips and suggestions, as most likely, they will answer any questions you may have :o)


When you click on one of the download links above (we offer both an all-in-one download for those with fast connections, and a multi-part for those on dial-up), you will be taken directly to the download itself. This is where you choose the location in which you want the file saved…then click save (you do not want to choose the ‘open’ option). After the download is complete, you’ll need to find the .zip file on your computer and extract (with WinZip) the files. Voila – you are finished and ready to scrap!!!!


Please know that we check our download links MANY times (and with many scrappers) before ever making them live…then we continue to check them several times a day to make sure all is working well.  So, please rest assured that we are on top of the site and servers…and only provide good links :o)  With that said – the first couple of days after a new release – the site and servers are VERY BUSY and might be slow at times.  Remember that this download (like all of our free digital scrapbooking downloads) will be available for a LONG time, so there are no worries…if the site is busy – please just try back later :o)  If you continue to have issues, read below for additional help and suggestions.

The majority of the time…download problems are the result of a poor or interrupted connection, software firewall, anti-virus, download manager, etc. These types of issues are more likely to occur with large downloads…but, can also show up with small files as well. It is also not uncommon to download many files successfully, and then have one that has issues.
So, believe it or not, download errors are somewhat common. Many times…they do not show themselves until you try to ‘unzip’ your file. They will generally result in a corrupted file/password request/invalid archive error message. Again – all of these are pretty common and do NOT mean that the download file itself is bad (99.9% of the time…the file you are attempting to download is perfectly fine). This just means that for some reason…the file did not download completely OR correctly to YOUR computer :)  Many times, even if it appeared that your download completed successfully, it might not have.
So – here’s how you fix this :) Or…at least it’s a good start :) If you are running a personal firewall or antivirus software on your machine (i.e. Norton), please disable it just long enough to download the file. It really does work most of the time – so, please give it a try :) FIRST – be sure to delete the ‘old’ zip file from your computer and even from the recycle bin as the new file will automatically revert back to it if it is still present!
Also – it’s always a good idea to make sure that you have a strong connection, etc. Of course, customers who are on dial-up will probably encounter more download issues than others. But, another culprit is wireless connections. They often experience interruptions and can result in an incomplete download. So, again – all of these are things to consider when you are experiencing problems!


WinZip is the software that allows you to “unpack” all of the files that are included in your download. When you download the files – they are all “zipped up” in a ZIP file…so you use the WinZip software to unzip (or, unpack) them…and then you will see all of the individual paper and element files :) You can download the evaluation version of WinZip for FREE.  Once you have downloaded our zip file, you simply need to EXTRACT the files to your computer!


As always, with any SP product or free kit – you can find font information in the TERMS of USE file included with each download.  There will always be a section titled FONT CREDITS (if I worked with any fonts on the product) – so check there for specifics.  But, for convenience, I will let you know that I worked with NO fonts in this kit :o)


The most common question we are asked is WHAT SOFTWARE DO I NEED TO START SCRAPPING DIGITALLY?  While there really is no ONE program that youhave to have – what you need to keep in mind is that the software/program needs to be able to work with both .PNG and .JPG files.  This allows for working with ‘layers’ which is necessary for digital scrapbooking.  Layers allow you to ‘stack’ embellishments on top of papers and photos, etc.  .PNG files have a transparent background so that you are able to stack without any kind of border or background.  So, your software will need to work with these kinds of files so that you can do just that. From our experience, PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS in the most popular and commonly used digital scrapbooking software.  There are good reasons for this :o)  It is reasonably priced and offers digital scrapbookers TONS of functionality.  I personally work with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and while I LOVE it – it is really not necessary for the average digi scrapper.  There are also other software brands and titles available for digital scrappers, though I am not personally familiar enough with them to add anything helpful :o)  Google can be your best friend when trying to learn more about digi scraping and the software available – so have fun searching!


If you are new to digi scrapping and want to know what it is all about – please visit this page for more info :o)


Please be sure to visit our TUTORIALS page – I think you will find them helpful!  We have a WONDERFUL tutorial which guides you through the process of creating your first digital layout.  I highly recommend this for anyone interested in giving digital scrapbooking a try.  And while the tutorials are specific to Photoshop and Photoshop Elements – the concepts shown will be beneficial regardless of what software you work with.  We also have a great tutorial which shows how to work with our piece-a-cake products.


Please understand that the PLENTIFUL kit (as with all of our free kits at ShabbyPrincess.com) is strictly for personal scrapbooking use.  We do NOT allow ANY kind of professional use with our free kits, EVER.  So, please ENJOY this collection for your own personal use. Under no circumstances may these digital files be shared (as you received them), sold, etc.  You MAY share your FINAL and FLATTENED digital files with family and friends – however, you may NOT share the original cards and files.  You may NOT create these items to share or sell whether it be online or locally (again, with the exception of sharing YOUR own personal pages with your personal family and friends).  I am trying to be clear as again, we will not be answering emails about this product.  If your question is not answered here, then it is a NO <smiles>.  In a nutshell – PLEASE ENJOY this collection for yourself and to create and give gifts to family and friends (in both digital and printed form – as long as the digital files contain your own photos, journaling, etc. Do NOT share our original digital files, claim them as your own, create products to sell or share online, etc.


Be sure to check out the extensive FAQ section at theShabbyShoppe.com!  We have answered so many questions there about digital scrapbooking, printing, software, downloading and more…so there is a good chance that you will find the information you are looking for!



As with ALL of our free downloads – this kit is strictly for PERSONAL scrapbooking use ONLY :o)  You may NOT work with our designs in ANY professional/commercial project (whether you receive compensation or not)!

PLEASE CLICK HERE for more information about our TERMS of USE (as you are responsible for following them)!

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