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A little about the Shabby Princess…

First, thank you so much for visiting ShabbyPrincess.com – and for wanting to know a little more about me :o) I wish I had a more exciting story to tell, lol!

So, how did I come up with the Shabby Princess name? Honestly, it just seemed like the obvious choice. My nickname has always been Princess…for as long as I can remember…and I love all things shabby and shabby chic…and truly, there are many days that I just feel plain shabby – LOL – so that’s how it all came about. I began digital scrapping in April of 2004 (wow, that seems like a lifetime ago!). I had originally started with paper scrapping, but it just didn’t “click” for me…I’m quite the perfectionist and I was never happy with my pages (although I drool over other scrappers’ paper pages all the time). I believe that is one of the reasons that I enjoy digi scrapping so much…if I work at it long enough…I can get it alot closer to perfect (at least in my eyes :). I first heard about digital scrapping at a photography website…and was instantly enamored! I began learning everything I could…and soaking it all up like a sponge! The digital scrapbooking world was so much different at that time, as it was really just getting its legs!  It has been amazing to watch this industry and community grow!  But, ‘back then’, there were not a lot of options for digi scrapping products…so, I began trying to make my own “stuff”…not having a clue how to do it. After many long nights…I finally “got it” and have been creating ever since. I am self-taught in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and learn something new every day (yes, still!). I have had the great honor of creating my own paper scrapbooking line (the Shabby Princess collection with Bo Bunny Press) as well as working with various scrapbooking magazines and other companies like Sony and Picaboo!

Digital scrapbooking has become a daily part of my life…whether in designing, working, scrapping or simply taking pictures…and I LOVE it all :)  I really cannot imagine my life without Shabby Princess…as we are, one-in-the-same!  And these days, life is busy – what with our little man (the center of my universe) growing up so quickly (he was a newborn when I started this digi adventure) and all of the other aspects of ‘real life’!  So, designing time is more limited than in the past, but I still enjoy it immensely and steal as many moments as I can to be creative! When I’m not working – you’ll find me spending time with family and friends, making messes in my shabby kitchen, running (another passion), reading (probably my number one passion, lol)…trying to strenghten my relationship with God – and whatever else life throws my way, lol!

Well, that’s probably more than you wanted to know…but that’s it in a nutshell! Thanks again for stopping by :o)

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As with anything, there are some real bargains to be had on sites like eBay and Etsy, so if you’re on a budget this could be a good option for finding a dress. However, you won’t be able to try it on first, so you may have to pay for alterations or even sell the dress on if it can’t be adapted to fit. It’s well worth doing some research before you press ‘Bid’ – most sellers offer advice on vintage sizings including Catwalk Creative Vintage, who have a guide on how to take your own measurements on their page. Just remember, this is your wedding day, so think carefully before ordering a dress you’ve never seen ‘in the flesh’!

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