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Back 2 School Questionnaires

Ready to make some BACK 2 SCHOOL MEMORIES?! Or…at least ready to record some? :) Below, you will find a super fun set of printables!! I have seen, and been inspired by, the many versions of these ‘back to school questions’ floating around on the web and pinterest, etc. We have done something similar ourselves through the years…but nothing quite so ‘formal’ :) I thought it would be fun this year to work on a printable questionnaire to share with you all! I created two versions – one with a more masculine look…and one that is a bit more feminine! Each set contains two 8.5×11″ JPG printables ::: one is an ‘All About You’ interview…and the other is a “Your First Day” interview (or questionnaire)! Depending on your child’s age…you could either fill out the information for him/her – OR – if he/she is old enough – let them complete it on their own! Not only will this allow you to get their real and sincere answers – but it is a great way to remember (and compare) their handwriting in years to come! You also have the option of completing the pages digitally in Photoshop, etc…if you wish! My suggestion is to print on matte photo or matte project paper if possible. It is a little heavier than regular printer paper…and is made for photos and graphics, etc. Also – you will easily be able to write on it with most pens. If you print on glossy photo paper – you’ll need to write with a permanent marker.

So, here is a preview of the first set. You can click HERE or on the preview to download. These colors could easily work for boys or girls…

and here is the more ‘girlie’ version (click HERE or on the preview image to download)…

I printed out a couple of quick example pages…please excuse the icky pictures – they weren’t taken with the ‘big camera’, lol – and they are definitely icky lacking! But, at least you can get an idea of how the final product looks! On the pink one – I completed the answers in Photoshop using a coordinating font (the fonts worked with are listed in the TOU file included with the download – that way…you can download them to match if you like). This definitely gives the printout a ‘polished’ and more professional look! On the ‘boy’ version – I just used a ballpoint pen to jot down some answers. Granted, nowhere near as neat and clean as the photoshopped version – HOWEVER…the true goal of these printables is to get a ‘snapshot’ of your child (children) at this age and time in their lives! So, to ME…that includes their own penmanship and writing (if they are old enough) :) YES…I will have my little man write his own…and I just know that we will both enjoy looking at it again a few years down the road!

Since these printables are not dated in any way…you can use them for any and every school year – YAY! My plan is to ask the same questions each year…and think it will be great fun to compare (especially answers to questions like ::: what do you want to be when you grow up?, favorite book/song/movie/color/etc.)…say maybe when he is graduating from high school (I’m feeling faint just thinking of it, lol)!

No matter how or when you use these questionnaires – I just hope you and your kids have fun completing them…and revisiting them in the future :)

Thanks so much for stopping by ShabbyPrincess.com – and hope you enjoy these free printables :)


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